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QuadraTactical Single Point Sling


QuadraTactical's Single Point Sling


QuadraTacital Single Point Sling for carbine and bullpup rifles and shotguns. High Quality 1” Coated Nylon webbing a generous length that expands to accommodate large frames to be able to use in "Ready" carry positions even with load-outs. It is sleek and simple to use! Exclusive proprietary NO-SEW design gives the advantage of quality long lasting product. With sewn designs, once breakdown of the sew seam starts, either heavy duty sewing is required for repair or product integrity fails due to fiber breakdown therefore replacement of the entire product is necessary. Our NO-SEW design uses heavy duty locking teeth triglides manufactured from YKK. These are strong, lightweight, and quiet are non-marring to firearm finishes unlike metal alloy hardware. This provides the operator/sporting user unlimited adjustments and configurations for comfort, firearm presentation and ease of uses with our proprietary design.


The proprietary NO-SEW design also allows the operator the options and choices to change out on the fly attachment hardware for any customization they so choose quickly and efficiently. This is a major benefit for operator choice of comfort carry. This sling can be used with your weapons original mounting points and/or with your optional H&K clips, D-rings, spring clips, quick release swivels, 550 paracord, etc (not included) With our design you can easily use any hardware for your system. Our QuadraTactical single point sling comes with quick release side press Duraflex Stealth Side-Release-Clip for quick break away. This clip is strong, quiet, lightweight and Berry compliant. HK steel clip - very strong and impact resistant. Acetal resin triangle for non-marring, lightweight, quiet and very strong. Since the overwhelming majority of time an operator/sportsperson slings their weapon system; included is a sleek low profile and light weight shoulder grip retention pad. Aids in easy non slip carry positions to keep carbine rifle or bullpup firearms in position for long duration and comfortable carries. It freely adjusts.


Our design is the result of years of experience from the bearded one who worked as a security operator in the field and as an avid sportsman. He has run through some pretty serious environment and knows that your equipment takes a major beating. He has designed this sling and many other useful tactical items to give anyone the advantage when they need it, anytime-anywhere. His philosophy is when it comes to gear is “It better be there doing what it is suppose to do without me even having to think about it.” LET US BUILD ONE FOR YOU! ONLY $19.95! SHIPPING ALWAYS FREE IN U.S.

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